Pizza Guy shot at in Cheyenne

There was apparently an incident in Cheyenne, Wyoming, last week involving a pizza delivery driver:

Cheyenne police have released a description of a suspect accused of firing shots into a pizza delivery driver’s car.

Police are looking for a young hispanic male, about 5’6 tall, and was last seen wearing a dark flannel shirt, dark baggy jeans and is armed with a handgun.

And this in response: Keeping Delivery Drivers Safe

Many fast food delivery companies have taken extra precautions over the years to train their employees safety steps to protect them from dangerous situations.

“We’re always concerned about employee safety and we know we need to execute procedures and policies that the way that we’ve done things, but, we certainly believe that those will keep people safe,” said Lamont Muchmore of Papa John’s in Cheyenne…

“The first thing we even try to do is prevent them from being a target. We have bank drops after drivers are out and no driver should be out with over $20 in their pocket,” explains Muchmore.

Drivers are also expected to carry a cell phone with them at all times and when they deliver late night pizzas, the store calls the residence to make sure they are home before the driver leaves.

I’m confused. The story says “companies have taken extra precautions over the years” and a manager says “Making sure that we follow the policy and that we’re executing the way that we’re supposed to should be a very safe environment for our employees” but the story doesn’t mention anything other than not carrying too much cash and carrying a cell phone.

Where are these procedures that should create a “very safe environment”?