For the kids

Congress OKs Va Tech-inspired gun bill

No, not a law allowing legal gun owners from carrying their guns in free fire gun free zones, but a law

that would more easily flag prospective gun buyers who have documented mental health problems.

See Wizbang for more.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) opposed the measure.

His chief concern, he said, was that it did not pay for successful appeals by veterans or other people who say they are wrongly barred from buying a gun.

Just before midnight Tuesday, Coburn and the Democratic supporters of the bill struck a deal: The government would pay for the cost of appeals by gun owners and prospective buyers who argue successfully in court that they were wrongly deemed unqualified for mental health reasons.

The compromise would require that incorrect records — such as expunged mental health rulings that once disqualified a prospective gun buyer but no longer do — be removed from system within 30 days.

That, at least, seems to make a fair amount of sense.

UPDATE: David Hardy also comments.