New Jersey’s A2116

Over at Sebastian’s: New Jersey Gun Ban Up For Vote

On Monday, November 17, the New Jersey Assembly is scheduled to vote on A2116 — legislation banning most firearms over .50 caliber. Though previously amended in an attempt to address gun owner concerns, the legislation still bans many popular hunting guns, historical firearms, and large bore target firearms, based on alleged public safety concerns. Ironically, the legislation bans many of the guns that won the very freedoms the bill seeks to destroy, including some Revolutionary War and Civil War guns and their replicas.

What I find ironic is that we always hear about how the Founding Fathers would never have meant the Second Amendment to mean things like assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. What they meant was that firearms in use at the time of the writing of the Bill of Rights were protected.

And now New Jersey is looking to ban those very weapons. It would be interesting to look through the long and storied history of New Jersey gun bans to see how many times the “we’re just trying to ban the guns criminals use” argument was used. Now that practically everything else has been banned or very heavily restriced in the state, they’re turning to muzzle loaders.

How many crimes are committed with muzzle loaders?


  1. Update:
    Alarms and protests from worried citizens did get to some NJ legislators. It looks like advocates of A2116 did not have enough votes on November 17, so they amended the bill to exclude few types of black powder rifles from being banned and POSTPONED the vote on A2116. The vote on A2116 will likely happen on December 15, 2008 – a week from today.

    THE BILL IS STILL BADLY FLAWED – all types of .50 (and larger) caliber handguns and rifles, as well as some types of black powdered rifles and other firearms will be banned in NJ.
    A2116 also creates a dangerous precedent for other states to follow the ban.
    PLEASE CONTACT EVERY AND EACH NJ State Assemblyman and have them oppose A2116.
    The list of banned firearms (with exception of some black powder rifles that were excluded from the ban on November 17) is available here:

    It is outrageous that sponsors of A2116 managed to advance this bill without providing any factual evidence that .50 caliber firearms pose bigger threat to public safety than any other caliber. The most vocal proponent of the ban just spitted out bunch of nonsense during the hearing on A2116 in the Assembly Judiciary committee. Actual transcript of David Matos of Ceasefire NJ: “I am concerned about my kids’ future, my grandkids’ future, and what can happen in the State of New Jersey… [.50 caliber firearms] are weapons of mass destruction, are a threat to public safety and have no legitimate civilian use”. Mr. Matos has not presented a single piece of evidence to support his paranoid rants and instead of calling a doctor to diagnose Mr. Matos with paranoid schizophrenia, members of Assembly Judiciary committee complied with Mr. Matos’s demands to ban .50 caliber firearms. The recording of A2116 hearing in the Assembly Judiciary committee on June 12, 2008 is available under this link:

    I wonder if some crazy nut comes to the NJ Assembly and starts demonizing Ford Taurus – are they going to ban this car too? They are not asking for any proofs anyway as long as it fits their political agenda!

    Here is the list of NJ Assembly members. Do not skip a single one – appeal to each lawmaker:

    It is your responsibility to protect your freedom!

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