You had better be damn sure of what you’re shooting at

Be sure of your target and what’s behind it:

The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled that a hunter who shoots and injures someone because he or she didn’t properly identify the target can face an aggravated assault charge.

In a case arising out of Lamoille County, the court upheld the aggravated assault conviction of Eric Patch, who was out partridge hunting in November of 2006 when he saw movement in a tree, fired his 12-gauge shotgun and hit a deer hunter.

Jeff Soyer agrees with the ruling. So does Murdoc.

3 thoughts on “You had better be damn sure of what you’re shooting at”

  1. well for all of u to know i have been on this long road with eric, and for who u have shit to say better know the whole story. eric is haunted by what happen and he knows what he did. he has served his time and more. this deffinetly was an accident, for crying out loud he carried the victim to get help. if this was a purpose shooting dont you think he would have left the man there to die? now think bout it eric does regret shooting at just movement yes it was wrong, but there is a reason why all hunters should and need to wear orange. eric was the first vermont hunter to go to jail for a non fatal hunting accident. Eric and i would like to ask and put it out there ALL HUNTERS NEED TO WEAR ORANGE AND ALL HUNTERS NEED TO WHAT THEY RE SHOOTING AT! eric is sorry for what he has done and is doing the right things to prove to people he knows what he did.

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