Ohio: Time running out for passage of HB450


Time is running out for Rep. Bruce Goodwin’s House Bill 450, which passed the Ohio House more than six months ago with an overwhelming 90-3 vote, and your help is needed TODAY!

PROBLEM: Current Ohio law prohibits persons under the age of 21 from buying a handgun. There is an exemption for persons aged 18-20 who are properly appointed or employed as a law enforcement officer, but no such exemption exists for members of the armed services or Ohio National Guard.

“If we can’t allow the military these rights, then shouldn’t those rights be taken away from law enforcement on the same grounds they are being denied to the military?” Buckeye Firearms Association Legislative Chair Ken Hanson observed rhetorically.

HB450 would give active and reserve military personnel the same rights.

See the Buckeye Firearms Association for more.