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America Fights Back

America Fights Back

Gift Idea: America Fights Back: Armed Self-defense in a Violent Age by Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman:

Americans love books in which the good guys win. Gottlieb and Workman are adding to that proud tradition with America Fights Back by documenting case after case in which gun-owning citizens who refuse to wear the label victim remain the winners. –Jill J.R. Labbe, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

During my years in the U.S. House of Representatives serving on the Judiciary Committee, I tired of listening to the arguments of one gun-control advocate after another endlessly repeat the same tired, baseless arguments in support of their efforts to disarm law-abiding American citizens. Now, in America Fights Back Armed Self Defense in a Violent Age, we have a well-written defense of the Bill of Rights that provides both sound substantive arguments in support of the right to keep and bear arms, as well as true-life stories of how the Second Amendment works in practice not just in theory. This book ought to be required reading for every Member of the House and Senate; and every occupant of the White House –Former Congressman Bob Barr

In America Fights Back, through vivid real-life stories of citizens forced to face the reality of violence, Gottlieb and Workman provide an accounting of America s crime problem largely ignored by mainstream media. –Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President, National Rifle Association of America


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