‘Guns are a symbol, little more’

Stephen Herrington:

The era in which firearms were a practical necessity is substantially and thankfully over as of the end of the 19th century. They are possessed now for what most honestly amounts to a hybrid of sport, nostalgia and primordial anxiety.

I guess “honestly” is in the eye of the beholder.

After pointing out that guns won’t stop crime, drugs, homelessness, or pornography, he adds

Use of guns, weapons of any kind, are the definition of chaos. The road to chaos is swift. The road back is nigh impossible.

Just last night I linked to a news story about a pizza guy who used a pepperoni pizza as a weapon against armed robbers. What chaos. The pizza guy swiftly went down that road and his return is apparently “nigh impossible.”

Herrington says that “general prosperity prevents crime.”

2 thoughts on “‘Guns are a symbol, little more’”

  1. General prosperity prevents crime.

    If we all printed our own money and didn’t give a shite about inflation, maybe. Or maybe when you have every single person on this God-given Earth just not care for the good things in life and only want the bare minimum standard.

    There will always be that one ape who has less/more and wants everything else another ape has.

    Also, Huffington Post…took me a bit of courage to read that. His talk about the tyranny of the majority was nice, just failed to consider the New Orleans Gun Grab. Cos people in high places tend to throw their weight around, no?

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