Guns on campus in Kentucky?

Jeff Soyer points out a Democrat (yes, you read that right) fighting for the right to bear arms on public university property in Kentucky. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Bob Damron, is opposed by Rep. Kathy Stein, chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee. He called her a “gun control Sally.”

Of course, this always pits gun rights against property rights. I wonder if this bill would just effect public universities? Of course, even private schools generally receive taxpayer assistance. . . .

A commenter writes

Seems to me we need a clear legal definition of whose property my car is. If it’s my employers’, they need to accept full responsibility for it while parked. Damn straight they don’t, though.

UPDATE: Incidentally, Alphecca has just been blocked by the internet filter at Murdoc’s day job. Bummer.