First batch of CCW renewals in Ohio

Sheriff ready for concealed carry renewals

The Licking County Sheriff’s Office is bracing for an influx of concealed carry license holders seeking renewals in the coming weeks, Sheriff Randy Thorp said.

In 2004 — the first year Ohioans were allowed to carry concealed firearms — 507 licenses were granted, Thorp said.

“It’s a very good possibility that all those folks — I would have to assume that at least a good number — are going to come back in and reapply,” he said.

A total of 1,204 concealed carry licenses have been issued in Licking County, which is in the center of Ohio.

Get this:

Newark police Sgt. John Brnjic said concealed carry has not posed many problems for his department either, but he added it still makes officers uncomfortable.

When license plates are run before a traffic stop, Brnjic said other units respond when the driver has a CCW permit, just in case.

“The minute you hear ‘CCW,’ officers pay a little bit more attention,” he said.

They automatically send another unit when they pull over someone who is a CCW holder?