Tough week for pizza guys

Got google alerts for all of these stories today:

South Haven, MI: Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint

Portsmouth, VA: Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint in Portsmouth

New Castle County, DE: Delivering pizzas downright dangerous

Akron, OH: One of the females made arrangements for a pizza delivery driver to be at a location so the male could rob him

Raleigh, NC: Pizza shop worker shot in robbery attempt

One thought on “Tough week for pizza guys”

  1. about 15 years ago… ok so now it is closer to 20. I was a pizza delivery guy in a pretty rough area of town. It wasn’t a big named place, locally owned so it didn’t have a large corporate lawyer telling anyone what to do. I would be walking around some pretty crappy places with $200 maybe $300 cash in my pocket. Most all of us “drivers” had guns. In fact the guy who ran the place told us, “If you don’t have one, let me know and you can borrow one mine.” In the four years I worked there no one got robbed… well, three times people tried to take money from one of us but none ever got away with it so it doesn’t really count as “robbed”. Also no shots were ever fired, and only once was a police report ever filed.

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