Chris Matthews is Wacky

chris matthews

Not that this is a newsflash, or anything, but MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews is a Grade-A lunatic. Once upon a time I thought he was a decent host of a decent program, but he seemed to lose it during the presidential campaign in 2004 and he never recovered.

Newsbusters has the video of Chris suggesting that everyone be disarmed and that people walking down the streets get searched for weapons like in airports. Really. He really says “they ought to check people on sidewalks like they do getting on airplanes.”

I redid the transcript a bit because some important bits, in my humble opinion, weren’t quite right in the Newsbusters transcript. I think it’s important to note how Deroy Murdock reacts to Matthews’ claim Murdock supports carriers without licenses.

MATTHEWS: You know what I think? In big cities they ought to check people on sidewalks like they do getting on airplanes. And why an airplane should be safer than an American sidewalk is crazy to me. Why you can walk down the streets of an American city carrying a concealed weapon without a license is wacky.

MURDOCK: I didn’t say without a license! I think–

MATTHEWS: But that’s what’s going on. I’m talking about a different point here.

deroy murdock

MURDOCK: No, people have concealed carry permits. They actually have to–

MATTHEWS: I want to see people disarmed.

MURDOCK: They are made to [inaudible] target practice–

MATTHEWS: I want people disarmed in our major, major cities. How’s that for a plan? I don’t think we should all be armed, and I don’t think more guns is the answer. I think it’s wacky to say that the solution to armed robbery and killing in our streets in big cities is to put more arms in the streets. Anyway, thank you Deroy.

It’s hard to know where to begin. I guess the first problem is that Matthews thinks that people walking down the street “carrying a concealed weapon without a license” is “wacky” and that his (presumably non-wacky) solution is to get licensed weapons off the street.

Right? That’s what gun control is. It’s the control of legal weapons. Matthews is arguing on national television that the solution to unlicensed concealed guns on the street is the elimination of licensed concealed guns.

At least he’s honest when he says that he wants to “disarm” people. Ask the US military, with over 150,000 troops in a country the size of California, how easy it is to disarm a population. They’ve been trying for five years and have got basically nowhere.

Apparently, Matthews has a magic wand that just makes all guns disappear.

Watching the video, it’s clear that both Matthews and Murdock (no relation, by the way) had talking points that they wanted to get out. It’s also clear that Matthews is unhinged.

As a commenter at Newsbusters says:

Wow…He not only wants to take away the 2nd Amendment but also the 4th with its restrictions on unreasonable searches and seizures.

Just so we’re clear on this: These people will stop at NOTHING to take away every gun from every citizen that they can. Half of the time, like Matthews here, they don’t even bother trying to conceal their goal.

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