Indiana Supreme Court Allows Gary Gun Lawsuit to Proceed to Trial

In a very rare win for a city against a gun manufacturer, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that a lawsuit by the City of Gary can proceed to trial. These lawsuits have been uniformly rejected on various grounds, including standing. Yet, Gary with one of the nation’s highest homicide rates will be allowed to sue companies like Smith and Wesson, Beretta and Colt as well as gun dealers for the harm caused by their products. They are proceeding on a nuisance theory.

I hadn’t seen this, and in fact thought all this was behind us. Obviously, I was mistaken. Gary is the last of thirty municipal suits. All of the others have been defeated or withdrawn.

2 thoughts on “Nuisance”

  1. The gun manufacturers should band together and refuse to sell guns to cities for their police. Let the cops have to scrounge for weapons. That will nip this nonsense in the bud.

    Oh, yeah, Gary, Indiana. They’ve really done a good job cracking down on the criminals in that town, haven’t they? What? They haven’t? Um,, sorry! Even if there were no guns around, they’d still have a high crime rate.


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