4 thoughts on “CCW on Campus”

  1. My campus had a similar rule about not allowing firearms on campus. most of the time I followed their rule, but sometimes I knew I’d be there late and would have to walk several blocks to get to my car, and on those nights I packed anyway. As I used to say back then, it’s a “concealed” weapons permit. You only know I have it if I need to use it.

    Plus college’s rules aren’t laws, worst case is they could expelled me, which would suck but it’s not like I’d be doing jail time.

  2. Hey, that’s really great! They banned concealed carry on campus! Yay!

    Now all they have to do is get the criminals to obey that edict. Good luck with that. Doofi.

    Instead of putting up “gun free zone” signs, why don’t they instead put up “fish in a barrel” signs.


  3. Such a disappointment. I wrote a lengthy blog post titled, “An Open Letter to College Students” some months ago on this subject. College students have always been activists for change in America and this is one subject they should grab with open arms. There is a permanent link over there on the lower right side of my blog if you are interested. I can’t reach the url from the job…

  4. I am all for packing heat on campus. Because I know a few friends who would gladly exchange fire in a shootout against an armed gunman trying to turn George Mason University into the next Virginia Tech.

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