Puma PPS 22 Prototype

At the Legacy Sports International booth:

Puma PPS22 Synthetic Prototype with 50-round drum mag
Puma PPS22 Synthetic Prototype with 50-round drum mag

More .22LR fun. The wood versions of the PPS22 sure remind one of the PPSh-41, particularly the ventilated barrel shroud.

Available with 10- and 50-round magazines. MSRP of $550 with synthetic stock, $585 with wood. Extras 50 round drums are $105.

No word on availability of “shoulder things that go up” for these models, but those things are so deadly who needs one anyway.

I’ve been very lazy about getting the rest of my SHOT Show snapshots online. I’ve finished up a few assignments and and hoping to get the rest of the photos up over the coming week.

3 thoughts on “Puma PPS 22 Prototype”

  1. weapon looks good – but no reviews – big question is does it work. I would like some actual function tests rather than sales pitch.

  2. I own the exact same version of this rifle and I have a drum magazine. Rifle has performed flawlessly However, multiple people have made the mistake and not read the info that comes with the rifle. Ammo is required to have at least 1300fps muzzle velocity for action to work properly. I have used 1255fps rnds and occasionally the rounds wont cycle. However, it is a great weapon.

  3. I’ve tested many rounds through my drum fed pps 50, got a box of cci blazer 1235fps and i began not happy with my choice of gun quick. This gun will function well with the 10 or 30 mag with low fps rounds, but the drum mag needs high fps rounds to be smooth functioning.I settled on CCI stinger copper hp 1640 fps and have fallen in love with it, it cycles fast and sure. the manual states a better fps than 1300 and if you do feed it better,you’ll be happy at its hunger. No more half in rounds chambering..as a side note, .22 LR are not a self defence round,but 50 hollow points high volocity rounds within (best I’ve done)30 seconds might buy you time to get to the real defence weapons.

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