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Weapons cache found in home of Rumson man

A Rumson man reported to be despondent over financial problems surrendered to police after a cache of weapons — including an illegal assault rifle — was found in his home, authorities said…

Removed from the home were two handguns, a 15 round magazine, and two rifles, including an imitation M1 Carbine, which is illegal assault weapon in New Jersey, according to the chief. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Now, let’s ignore for a moment the silliness of calling an M1 Carbine an “assault weapon” of any kind. (Even the silliness of the term as used by the Federal AWB didn’t include the M1 Carbine.) The M1 Carbine is an “assault rifle” in New Jersey, and that’s that.

It says “imitation.” An imitation is called “an illegal assault rifle” in the first paragraph of the story. It isn’t until near the end of the last paragraph that they say it’s not real.

Police (“more than a dozen” of them “wearing tactical gear returned armed with assault rifles”) raided the guy’s house after a relative called police because they were “concerned.”

The charge against Seth Kronengold is “possession of an assault rifle.”

He is charged with possessing An. Imitation. M1. Carbine.

MORE: It wasn’t clear from that story that the weapon he was facing charges on was the imitation M1 Carbine, but this story indicates that the fourth weapon was a shotgun. Two handguns, a shotgun, and an imitation M1 Carbine.

Also, the second story’s headline says the man was “barricaded” and a third headline calls the situation a “standoff.”

Here’s how those stories describe it:

Police requested bullet-proof gear and rifles after they entered a million-dollar, 7 Ridge Road home to check on the well-being of its sole resident, but found assault rifle ammo and a Kevlar helmet just inside the door.

The man’s aunt requested police check on his well-being at 9:45 a.m. and they responded, police said. The man had not paid his taxes, his car was recently repossessed and relatives had not heard or seen from him in a long time, Rumson chief Richard Tobias said.

Receiving no response from inside the home, police entered, saw the dangerous combination of assault gear and called for help, Rumson chief, Richard Tobias said.

Now, we don’t know the full story. We don’t know the condition this guy was in. But all stories say that he never threatened police or anyone.

Barricade. Standoff. Imitation M1 Carbine.



  1. I hate living in f&*#ing Jersey. I get pissed every time I visit the CMP online because I can’t buy an M-1 Carbine. I can buy a Sig 556 at the gun shop in town, but no M-1 Carbine.

  2. “a dangerous collection of assault gear”… Hell, I have a dangerous collection of assault gear in my kitchen- steak and butcher and paring knives. Since when is gear sitting on a floor “dangerous”? This degree of nanny-state freakout really gripes me.

  3. When the revolution starts, the Jersey outer suburbs and rural areas are going to explode. There will be liberal politicians hanging from every lamppost in Trenton.

  4. Bear in mind that under HR1022 (aka AWB2) an M1 carbine will be classified as an assault weapon.

    Democrats- is there anything they don’t know about firearms?

  5. Hmm, let’s see.

    M1 carbine, designed 1938-1941.

    Sturmgewehr 44, first assault rifle, designed 1942.

    There may be a little problem…

  6. Gee, I too own an “assault rifle” as I own an M1 Carbine. Who woulda thunk it? Cool!

    Oh, but wait–my carbine can’t be an assault rifle. First, it’s not black, but instead has a nice wooden stock. Second, it doesn’t have a bayonet mounting lug.

    It’s funny, some folks disparage carbines, saying they’re not as powerful as a “real” rifle, and now there’s some Bozos (apologies to the famous clown of the same name) in New Jersey who declare carbines are assault rifles. What doofi.


  7. The guys at my gun clib speculate that the real motivation for banning the M1 Carbine is that they are too easy, too fun, and too cheap to shoot. They are kind of a gateway semi-auto that could lead a shooter to begin using even more dangerous assualt rifles.

    That said, I really wish Auto-ordenance would re-name an M1 model to make it Jersey-legal. That’s all it would take.

  8. Aha! The story says the guy hadn’t paid his taxes. Obviously, he was trying to get a position in Obama’s cabinet!


  9. This gets even sillier. The Rumson Town newsletter this month is awarding Medal of Honor (not Congressional Medal of Honor but obviously intended to have some of the reflected glory of that most impressive award) to 14 Rumson Policeman and 3 Fair Haven and 3 Little Silver Policeman. Now no disrespect to these men, many of whom I know and are very brave and diligent men, but when the dispatcher and three Chiefs are included this is ludicrous. The citation expands on the facts to read “an arrest of an individual and the confiscating of illegal assault weapons and armor penetrating ammunition.” Sadly I feel much more threatened by the government who behaves this way than by the man vying for a position in the current federal administration. There is no follow up on the “victim/criminal” situation in all of the Internet that I could find. My tax dollars are so well spent here… Time to leave NJ.

  10. For all of your information- ALL pending charges were DISMISSED. It turns out that the firearms in question belonged to the man’s father- who hid the weapons in the house and the family lost track of them after the father contracted Alzheimers and subsequently passed away. All other weapons were legally possessed- hence no charges were ever considered for them.

    This was simply a huge waste of time and money, and full of almost totally completely incorrect information- not to mention nearly ruining the life of an innocent person. The helmet actually was the father’s– but from the Korean war- and NOT kevlar! Didn’t even remotely look like one. How much did this debacle cost us taxpayers?

    Possession of any of the firearms mentioned, even if they were machine guns (licensed of course) – merely 30 miles away in Pennsylvania- would not have resulted in any action- except perhaps to invite this poor guy to the police range afterwards for a nice afternoon’s target practice- and maybe a barbecue!

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