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SIG SAUER P226 .22 Cal

SIG SAUER P226 in .22

SIG SAUER P226 in .22

For top-notch plinking.

Also available in the P229 line (below)

SIC SAUER P229 in .22

SIC SAUER P229 in .22

These models let you “train like it’s real.”


  • Eddy A says:

    yeah, let you “train like it’s real” ….real expensive.

  • SwissFreek says:

    Wouldn’t mind being able to practice with dirt cheap ammo. Except for the whole part about buying a whole new 226. Looks like the “X-CHANGE” system lets you convert this gun to your centerfire version of choice, but there isn’t a kit to convert a standard 226 into a .22LR rimfire. Oh well. If it doesn’t kick like the 9, is it really 1-for-1 training anyway?

  • Jesse says:

    Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the Sig Mosquito?

  • asf says:

    I’m not sure about the P226 but I just bought the 22LR kit for my P229. Haven’t fired it yet but it seems cool enough.

  • ez says:

    Jesse, The mosquito is smaller – does not fit in your hand like the P226. I have the P226 9mm. Getting the P226 22 allows me to shoot with the exact gun but at a fraction of the price – plus, it comes with a coupon for the conversion. It is essentially like getting the option for the 22 at no cost (if you compare the prices of the two). I really like the mosquito but I wanted an exact replica of my gun.

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