‘Lying in a heap on Amelia Avenue’

Uncle sent Murdoc the heads up on a pizza guy story. In this case, it wasn’t a delivery driver held up…it was the store owner in the store:

[John] Hayes, 37, was behind the counter Tuesday night when 20-year-old Patrick Finney, wearing an orange ski mask, walked in and pointed a sawed-off shotgun at his head just before 8 p.m.

A customer, an older woman from the neighborhood, was seated at the counter watching the Cavaliers game while waiting for a stromboli.

”He said, ‘Give me the [expletive] money. This is an [expletive] robbery,” Hayes said.

Hayes cooperated, giving the robber a stack of $10 bills. The robber wanted more and pointed the shotgun within inches of Hayes’ head, he said.

”As soon as I gave him the money, I pulled my gun out from my hip, pointed it and fired four shots,” Hayes said.

The perp managed to get back up and three more shots were fired. He managed to get out of the parlor but collapsed “in a heap on Amelia Avenue.” The gun was a 9mm pistol and it doesn’t say how many of the shots struck their target. A photo with the story shows a hole in the front glass of the store.

The guy’s myspace page is a treat.

I found this bit in the story particularly interesting:

Resident Dave Mariani said he’s owned his house on Burton Avenue just off West Exchange Street since 1973, and this is the first time something of this nature has happened in this part of the neighborhood.

What he apparently means is that this is the first time the robber has been shot in this part of the neighbor hood, because

It was the fourth robbery at the shop since 2007.

It’s not particularly news-worthy when the bad guys get away with it, but it’s a huge media event when the good guys shoot back.

It’s also interesting that the owner initially “played ball” with the robber, giving him “a stack of $10 bills.” Isn’t that what everyone says you’re supposed to do? Cooperate with the criminal? But, shockingly, the criminal wasn’t satisfied with a stack of someone else’s $10 bills, so he demanded more. This is the sort of thing you’ll often see when losers see that people will cave in to their unreasonable demands.

So the owner shot him. That’s the sort of thing you’ll see when reasonable people get fed up with unreasonable bad guys.

Murdoc’s thinking that this might be the last robbery at this shop for a while.

5 thoughts on “‘Lying in a heap on Amelia Avenue’”

  1. Awesome story. If more robberies ended like this I honestly believe you’d see less robberies.

  2. Yeah, last robbery at this shop because the shop owner will be arrested for reckless endangerment and the shop will close. Bah.

    Good thing he didn’t play dead, or he’d be dead.

  3. Don’t miss the myspace page, either. Nobody seems particularly surprised by the outcome.

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