Is Mexico arming Mexican Gangsters with US Weapons?

On the Bloody Border:

Meanwhile, Americans like El Paso County sheriff Richard Wiles want the U.S. to renew the assault-weapons ban that George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress allowed to expire in 2004. If it doesn’t, they fear, the few Black Hawk helicopters that Washington ships to Mexico’s antidrug warriors won’t make up for the thousands of AK-47 rifles and even rocket-propelled grenades pouring into the hands of the gangs. “It’s a shame,” says Wiles, “that it’s taken so many killings in Ju├írez to make Washington consider that.”

RPGs? Where did they get those? At a gun show via the loophole?

You know what I’d like to know? I’d like to know how many of those 17% (not 90% like Obama keeps saying) of the seized guns that originated in the US arrived in Mexico legally after being sold to the Mexican government. I’ve seen practically no one ask this question, and no one answer it.

If automatic weapons, grenades, and RPGs are in the hands of Mexican gangsters AND they originated in the United States, a claim that nearly every Mexican and American official parrots every chance they get, my guess is that the majority of them belonged at one time to the Mexican government. They make much hay out of the fact that they can confirm the weapons came from the US, and if they can do that they can tell who it was originally sold to. If it was sold to the government, the serial numbers are on a list somewhere, relatively easy to check.

I’m sure President Obama and AG Holder will let us know the answer right away.

Regarding the “bloody border,” I’ve been thinking about that and might have a creative solution to the problem. In fact, it’s so elegant that I can’t believe no one has thought of it before.

Why not build a fence or something?

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  1. I was at the gun store yesterday. Picked up a case of frags, a LAW, a few RPG reloads, and a brick of .22 lr. Strangly, the 22 brick was the most expensive item. The RPG reloads are getting up there though. I’m thinking about getting a press so I can make my own – and keep making them even if Sheriff Wiles gets them banned. We’re having the big RPG shoot this weekend at the club.

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