Gas Block, Meet Hammer

Murdoc doesn’t exactly have a gunsmithing shop in his basement. Murdoc is the same kind of gunsmith that he is an auto mechanic: Most of the basic stuff is easily do-able, and even a lot of the more complicated stuff is achievable with instructions and enough time.

So he grabbed his brass gunsmithing punches and proceeded to attempt to remove the standard gas block/front sight post from his AR.

Lesson Learned: Just keep hitting it until the pins come out.

Another Lesson Learned: Don’t waste your brass gunsmith punches on that project…you just end up with no brass gunsmith punches.

I have an opportunity to check out an Alexander Arms AR-Fix piston retro-fit kit, so the direct gas system had to come off. I can’t imagine that it’s always as difficult as it was for me, but I also have trouble believe it’s ever as easy as it looked in the video at Brownells.

Both the AR-Fix gas block and the gas block I’ll be using when the kit has to go back go on with hex screws. No more pins.

3 thoughts on “Gas Block, Meet Hammer”

  1. brass versus steel = steel wins every time. I’ve always used regular steel punches from the hardware store and they work fine. Hex screws can strip out, and are hard to find. Roll pins can almost always be knocked out, and are cheap and easy to find.

    Then again, I am about the same kind of gunsmith as you. Only with cars, I just pop the hood and see if anything obvious is wrong, like the engine is missing or something. I’m pretty sure I would catch that. Or if the flux capacitor is working right.

  2. Nadnerbus,
    I try to adopt that “I’ll have a look at whatever is obviously broken” stance, and have found some success with it- a belt is clearly missing, something is wet that shouldn’t be, smoke is pouring out of a place that is not typically associated with smoke pouring out of it, etc.

    Usually though I pop the hood and just see boxy bits linked with wires and hoses…like the Borg assimilated my truck.

    Sometime I’ll tell you about how I wanted to write a procedure for changing the lightbulb in the driver’s side headlight in a Pathfinder….it started with “Step One: Dislocate your right shoulder”, and went downhill from there.

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