‘As many as eight or nine assailants’

Midvale, Utah:

Police say they are looking for as many as eight or nine assailants after a home invasion early Tuesday at a Midvale apartment that ended when one of the residents shot and killed a suspect.

Midvale police believe a female assailant was also shot, leaving a trail of blood outside the Springs of the Country Woods apartment complex at 1039 E. Watercress.

Four people, including two sisters, ages 14 and 22, were inside a third-floor apartment at the complex at about 1:30 a.m. when someone knocked at the door, Midvale police Sgt. John Salazar said.

When the 26-year-old uncle of the sisters opened the door, a group of up to 10 tried to force their way inside. In a struggle at the door, one assailant stabbed the uncle in the hand, Salazar said.

As the struggle continued inside, one assailant hit the 22-year-old woman, angering her 23-year-old boyfriend. He fought with another assailant, got hold of the man’s gun and fired about four shots inside, and possibly three outside, Salazar said.

Three of the shots inside struck a 31-year-old suspect, who died at the scene. He was armed with two knives and a handgun, Salazar said.

The cops noted that the handgun shots didn’t go through the apartment walls, though the story doesn’t say what sort of gun it was. Two additional guns, apparently belonging to the intruders, were found nearby.

Odd that so many would try to pull off a home invasion together. Seems like there’s probably more to this story.

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UPDATE: Another story on this incident has this detail:

The SWAT team blasted a garage where another suspect may have been hiding, but it was empty.

I was trying to figure out what they meant by “blasted” when I saw this picture:

Looks like a garage and looks like it's been "blasted"

Looks like a garage and looks like it's been 'blasted'

I guess they really meant “blasted.” Sheesh.

UPDATE 2: And here are some more details:

The woman at the door asked for a man who did not live there, said Nikki Hulett, who also lives in the apartment complex.

Hiding behind the woman were several men. When the uncle saw the men, he tried to push the door shut. Neighbors said there were five other people in addition to the woman. Police believe there were between six to 10 people total. All of them were armed with either a knife or gun, said Midvale Police Sgt. John Salazar.

As the uncle tried pushing the door shut, one of the intruders reached inside and sliced the uncle’s hand, Salazar said.

After gaining entry, the intruders tried pushing all of the occupants into a back room. At one point, one of the intruders hit the older woman with the butt end of a gun and threw her around by her hair, Hulett said.

So this appears gang and/or drug related. Big surprise. They were looking to jack whoever used to live there. Or they just totally had the wrong apartment. Those types don’t always tend to be the brightest light bulbs on the porch.

The tenants have lived in that apartment for only three months, so I’m guessing the bad guys were after the previous resident at that address.

From a witness:

Two more suspects, one carrying a shotgun, were seen running in a different direction, she said. One of them was yelling, “Your dog is going to be OK,” but she didn’t know if he meant an animal or one of the other intruders.

Well, if he meant “an animal” he was probably right. If he meant “one of the other intruders,” not so much.


  • Linoge says:

    Well, good to hear that the victims fought back, and successfully at that. Second instance in a week where that happened, and one can only hope that people learn from it… Hell, in this case, the victims were outnumbered two-to-one, and they were still able to put one of the criminals down, and seriously wound another.

    I am certainly not going to say that every instance will turn out that way, but just “giving them what they want” almost never turns out well.

  • Nadnerbus says:

    There’s a good chance of getting a face full of magnum buck shot around my place. Hope no one tries that here. Plus my cat is trained to attack the eyes. He’s on a little launcher slung under the barrel.

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