Please Tread on Me

Couldn’t see this coming:

Suspect detained over ‘extremist’ bumper sticker

A Louisiana driver was stopped and detained for having a “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker on his vehicle and warned by a police officer about the “subversive” message it sent, according to the driver’s relative.

The situation developed in the small town of Ball, La., where a receptionist at the police department told WND she knew nothing about the traffic stop, during which the “suspect” was investigated for “extremist” activities, the relative said.

The flag some of our founders fought under is ‘extremist.’

On a related note, I’ve had a DTOM magnet on the back of my car for several years. It was a snake in the shape of the ribbons so popular these days. I gave a bunch out as Christmas gifts one year to friends and family.

A few weeks ago, someone stole the magnet off my car. Jerks. I wonder if it was the same people who stole the US flag off of our front porch one weekend while we were away.

I’ve ordered quite a bit of gear from Gadsden and Culpepper over the years. Good stuff. Check ’em out and tell ’em Murdoc sent you.

7 thoughts on “Please Tread on Me”

  1. Somehow, I just do NOT believe this is a true story..

    1. I am very closely connected to Louisiana LEOs, they say it’s a crock.

    2. The guy *did* something, this was NOT a reason for any stop.

    3. If BS like this gets you messed with, why is your blog, MY blog and millions of other blogs still on the net??

    People are throwing crap out there hoping it will stick, sad actually, especially considering that we have more than enough REAL issues to deal with…

  2. TexasFred: I hope you’re right. A lot of ruralish Louisiana LE hasn’t had the greatest reputation, which makes this more believable than in a different location.

    But it’s the family of the guy making the claim, so it’s entirely possible this is either an exaggeration or a total crock.

    As to your point #3, local cops in Louisiana don’t have the capability to shut blogs down. It’s a lot different for locals in a locality to make local trouble than it is for a widespread effort.

  3. I had been meaning to buy a Gadsden Flag to replace my American one that bit the dust a few weeks ago… I guess this is as good a motivation as any.

  4. Well, OK, my brother, my son, his wife and my son in law are some of those *ruralish* Louisiana cops to which you refer… Glad to know what you think of LEOs and in particular, Louisiana LEOs…

    It IS his family, NOT him, and I have been on the phone all evening, and I know, they are just rural coon-ass cops but 3 of those 4 have Criminal Justice degrees, 1 has his Master in Criminology, as do I, one is a Detective, a pretty damned good one too, and they ALL called bullshit on this, again, as do I… Call it that *ruralish* dumb-ass cop instinct.

    No cops, even the *ruralish* hicks in Ball have time for BS like this, Stevie Wonder could see through it, if he’s not too *ruralish* that is…

    This is a very viral much ado about nothing and it WILL come back to bite WND in the ass…

  5. Fred: Well, you don’t know what I think about LEOs and Louisiana LEOs from what I’ve written. Because I haven’t said. What I have said regards the reputation I’ve heard about.

    I don’t know your brother, son, wife, or son-in-law. I also don’t know if I personally know *any* Louisiana LEOs. That doesn’t change a lot of what I’ve heard about ruralish Louisiana sheriffs “disappearing” legally-owned guns carried by drivers they’ve stopped for a tail light out.

    You’re a regular reader here, so I know you didn’t just wander over and get take exception to something you saw on just some blog. I hope you know that I mean no insult to anyone in particular, let alone your family. You can go on and put words like “hicks” and “coon ass” in my mouth if it makes you feel better, but just remember that I’m not the one who said it.

    If I’ve made a terribly unfair and unknowledgeable generalization about rural Louisiana cops because of things I’ve heard in the past, I apologize. (BTW, some of what I’ve heard come from people in Louisiana. At least one of them is a former LEO.)

    I also may have made the exact same generalization about New Orleans cops just because I’ve heard about them confiscating guns illegally and not returning them. I don’t know any of *those* cops either, but I don’t think I’m out of line when I comment on it.

    Regarding this story, if you’ve been on the phone with the cops involved or others directly connected to it, that’s great. I appreciate the inside info. Good to know that they didn’t do what the wild stories say they did.

    The impression that I got from your comment was that you know *some* Louisiana LEOs and that what you wrote was your *belief* (as in gut feeling) because you wrote “I believe”. If your family has just heard about it through the grape vine, that’s not exactly the same as being in the know. Maybe I got the wrong impression from your comment and you spoke to someone who knows for a fact that this did not happen, that he was stopped for something else, and that this is a crock. Maybe not. I don’t know.

    WND is a loose cannon, no doubt about it. I don’t just believe anything just because they publish it. But I also don’t automatically believe that cops didn’t do anything wrong just because other cops think it sounds fishy.

  6. Murdoc: When WND publishes something, they lower the story’s credibility.

    I could see a NOLA cop pulling this, but a rural one?

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