Ruger Running Glasses

I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m a bit of a long distance runner. Last fall I ran my first marathon, and tomorrow is one of the bigger races in West Michigan, the Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids.

For years I was unable to find a pair of sunglasses for running that got the job done. Either they were too heavy, they didn’t fit my head or face quite right, or they gave me a headache when I ran wearing them. Then, a couple of years ago at the SHOT Show, I picked up a pair of glasses that I somehow discovered were exactly right:

Murdoc's Ruger Running Glasses
Murdoc's Ruger Running Glasses

No, they weren’t designed as eyewear for runners. They are shooting glasses that were provided at the Media Day shooting range. Regardless, I’ve run a lot of miles in these things, including last fall’s marathon. They are perfect for running. Lightweight and comfortable. The perfect tint. Durable. And very cool looking (always an important factor when on the run).

I do wonder how many people notice that they’re shooting glasses and what the reaction from other runners is if they do. By and large, distance runners are a bunch of tree-hugging liberal hippies (I mean that in the nicest possible way…which isn’t all that nice, I guess) and I’ve rarely run into someone who is anywhere close to me on the map of political opinion.

Yes, I know there are exceptions. Murdoc is one, in fact. But, at least in my experience, most runners would not be the type to also be NRA members or even gun owners. Gross generalization, but more or less accurate.

I sure love my Ruger Running Glasses, though. And my rain hat has a fancy FNH logo on it. Looks sorta retro, or something. I wonder what most runners would think if they knew that the company was one of the largest makers of assault rifles and machine guns in the world. My guess is that their reaction would crack me up.

If you’re a runner AND a shooter, I’m certainly not trying to slight you. In fact, give Murdoc a shout in the comments. I’d love to see that there are more running gun owners out there than I suspect.

UPDATE: We raced in the rain. The Ruger Running Glasses spent most of the miles in my back shorts pocket.