A Poof of Blue

The Soundboard: “Do try this at home” Edition

RNS points out a brilliant idea: using pool cue chalk as a reactive target:

Billiards chalk is 7/8 of an inch per side and even when hit with something as slow moving as a standard velocity 22LR out of a pistol, makes a bigger poof than Charles Nelson Riley.

If you can hit it.

I found cheap chalk ($12.95 for 144 pieces) on Amazon and just placed an order.

And then there’s this:

Some of the people at the range will tell you that you won’t be able to hit them. Some of them will actually get amusement from telling you so repeatedly. Even when you hit your first one, they’ll call it luck. After you start hitting them in strings, those same people will then tell you about how they could probably do that with an SKS.


2 thoughts on “A Poof of Blue”

  1. Yeah, I saw that and linked to the story last night and I think its a great idea. I’m going to have to buy a box for my own shooting. Seems like lots of fun and challenge.

  2. I *almost* bought some, but found that at 12 cents apiece, plus another 7 cents each for shipping, paying nearly 20 cents for a single-hit target just wasn’t worth it.

    Maybe I can find something cheaper nearby at a billiards shop, because it sounds cool.

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