3 thoughts on “The American FAL”

  1. Ah, what could have been – British EM-2 Rifle in .280., or better yet 7mm High Velocity.

  2. Until I was poking around at the S.A.R. East show in York the other weekend, I never knew that H&R had produced some early M16A1s…and I actually got fondle one a bit. Some interesting design compromises were made in the area of not cleaning up some cosmetic blemishes from manufacturing but, overall, it was a beautifully made weapon. The $18,000 price tag was a bit steep though for what would end up being a cabinet queen.

  3. The lowest bids to produce the 500 T44 and T48 were submitted by H&R and International Harvester. The T48 was shunted off to H&R, but Springfield decided to keep the T44 for themselves. I’ve always thought that H&R was given the T48 in hopes that they’d screw it up.

    H&R’s military production track record has not been stellar. Their worst screwup was when they got an educational order for 500 M1911A1 in 1940. Ordnance yanked the contract in 1942 after H&R failed to produce a single pistol. I can’t understand why the military ever did business with them. Their civilian product line has always been fairly primative except for those arms jobbed out elsewhere.

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