What type of rifle did the Super Bowl guy have?

I was in Vegas during the Super Bowl and really didn’t hear much about this story until after we got home in the middle of last week, but I don’t seem to be able to find the answer to this question.

MSNBC.com wrote Gun in Super Bowl plot was banned, now popular

Havelock bought an AR-15 at Scottsdale Gun Club and 250 rounds of ammunition Jan. 29 in preparation for the planned slaughter.

The AR-15 was one of 19 guns banned under the 1994 Crime Bill, which expired on Sept. 13, 2004.

But I guess I think the odds of it being a real, actual AR-15 are pretty slim. At best. Rather, it’s almost certainly an AR-15 clone.

Rob Keeney calls it a Flat Out Lie.

Over a DU (yeah, I know) they’re arguing up and down that since the news report called it an AR-15, it’s really an AR-15. I guess I find it pretty idiotic to argue that, as at some point we’re going to learn whether or not it really was an AR-15.

I also find it hilarious that so many DUers claim that you couldn’t get AR-15 clones during the AWB because, well, they found some internet links proving you couldn’t. I spent some time wading through all that mess, and it ain’t pretty.

Anyway, something from the MSNBC.com article that is appalling is this:

FBI Special Agent Philip Thorlin testified at Havelock’s detention hearing Tuesday that the gun is the weapon of choice for the U.S. military.

This is, of course, almost certainly total bunk. Unless it really is a fully automatic assault rifle, FBI Special Agent Philip Thorlin is lying or woefully misinformed.

So. Does anyone know what the rifle really was?