Python with a .22?

Michael Bane noted the iguana hunt post here on Gun Pundit, then veered off into crazyland:

I’ve been contemplating the very first SHOOTING GALLERY hunting episode…a Tactical Solutions/Ruger .22 pistol expedition for feral python in the Everglades.

Is a .22 pistol going to get it done against snakes 5′ long and bigger?

He also mentions 7-foot Nile monitor lizards. What’s he going to use against those? Spitwads?

Florida is overrun by invasives.

UPDATE: Here’s a shot of an Everglades python:

Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades
Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades

Found at Captain Saint Lucifer.

3 thoughts on “Python with a .22?”

  1. DAAAMMMNNN! That’s a lot of snake skin cowboy boots.

    It’s not that I doubt the capabilities of a .22, but it’s hitting that little teeny head target. 12 guage with buckshot would probably be best.

    While we’re at it, why not form up a feral hog expidition to Hawaii. They’re invasives, too, from the days of Capt Cook. Good eating, but they don’t taste like chicken.

  2. Might as well be spitwads if they roll on us with Monitor Lizards…

    Which they are sure to do.

    We’ll… we can give ’em a rabbit to chase.

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