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Python with a .22?

Michael Bane noted the iguana hunt post here on Gun Pundit, then veered off into crazyland:

I’ve been contemplating the very first SHOOTING GALLERY hunting episode…a Tactical Solutions/Ruger .22 pistol expedition for feral python in the Everglades.

Is a .22 pistol going to get it done against snakes 5′ long and bigger?

He also mentions 7-foot Nile monitor lizards. What’s he going to use against those? Spitwads?

Florida is overrun by invasives.

UPDATE: Here’s a shot of an Everglades python:

Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades

Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades

Found at Captain Saint Lucifer.


  • B Woodman says:

    DAAAMMMNNN! That’s a lot of snake skin cowboy boots.

    It’s not that I doubt the capabilities of a .22, but it’s hitting that little teeny head target. 12 guage with buckshot would probably be best.

    While we’re at it, why not form up a feral hog expidition to Hawaii. They’re invasives, too, from the days of Capt Cook. Good eating, but they don’t taste like chicken.

  • Nadnerbus says:

    Might as well be spitwads if they roll on us with Monitor Lizards…

    Which they are sure to do.

    We’ll… we can give ‘em a rabbit to chase.

  • Anjit says:

    Hm .. Good Pic

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