Whistle for help


University of Nevada, Reno:

Police are warning of a serial rapist-killer on the loose and are asking women to avoid situations that will put them at risk. Rape whistles have been distributed to female university students.


About to be raped? Just whistle. Call time-out. See how easy that was?

Maybe someone can distribute yellow flags to female university students so that would-be rapists can be penalized 15 yards for illegal use of hands.

Via Say Uncle, who says: Unreal.

Caleb notes that whistles aren’t completely worthless:

A rape whistle falls into the first tier of defensive implements, and is less useful than a good pair of sneakers and skill at sprinting. If campus security wants to issue rape whistles, that’s fine. Good for them. But if you’re going to send them out, make damn well sure that everyone who gets a whistle is 100% aware of their limitations.

Whistles can definitely be a good thing to have in a tough spot and you should have one in your “grab-n-go” survival kit, but don’t count on one to save you from an immediate threat.

Sebastian calls whistles A False Sense of Security. Exactly.

Also, in my book good shoes are always a must. A lot of times people (including my wife) wonder why I’m wearing the shoes I’m wearing instead of sandals or slip-ons or even why I’m wearing shoes at all. I always say “What if I have to do something?” Though defending yourself is a right that I fully support and encourage, sometimes (usually, even) the proper defense is to put as much space between you and a threat as you can as quickly as you can.

But again, good shoes and the ability to run often won’t be enough. And what’s the university going to do? Offer all female students a new pair of Nikes?

I guarantee that some of the university’s female students are now carrying guns, no-gun policy be damned. Every time there’s a college serial rapist at large we see large numbers of girls packing heat. Though often untrained, we haven’t seen any shootouts at the OK Corral from these women, have we? Even though the main argument against concealed carry on campus is the likelihood of students recklessly shooting up the place, we haven’t even seen that from unlicensed and untrained students in the past. At least not that I’m aware of. So why should we expect it more from trained carriers?