Pizza Guy

Again, a pizza, a robbery, a gunshot

Lexington, South Carolina:

The suspect, Raymond Antonio Metze, 17, of 212 Crestridge Drive, Lexington, was booked Sunday at the Lexington County Detention Center on charges of armed robbery and possessing a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He is in jail under $100,000 bond.

A black BB pistol that resembled a semiautomatic handgun was used in the robbery, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman said…

According to warrants and reports from deputies, shortly before midnight, the 29-year-old delivery man — from Papa John’s on 3937 Platt Springs Road — brought pizza to 236 Crestridge Drive. The home was vacant.

After the delivery man knocked on the front door, a man came from the side of the house with what appeared to be a handgun and demanded cash.

The pizza delivery man gave him a little more than $200.

As the pizza delivery man left, the suspect kept pointing his fake pistol at him. Not knowing it was fake and only fired BBs, the pizza man pulled his handgun. It was real, a 9mm semiautomatic.

He fired one shot, wounding the suspect in his chest.

No doubt some will wonder whether the shooting was truly necessary, as the pizza guy had handed over the cash and was already trying to leave. Murdoc suspects that the delivery driver no doubt felt threatened and that his life was in danger, and the robber’s gun (though it turned out to be fake) justifies that feeling. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear complaints that the pizza guy’s response “wasn’t proportional” or some such.

Last I heard, Papa John’s has a policy against delivery drivers arming themselves.

Thanks for the heads up to Say Uncle, who wrote

Real gun beats fake gun.

Yep. Almost every time.

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  1. Murdoc,

    You devoted several blog posts to the 2008 case of James W. Spiers, a Pizza Hut driver in Des Moines, IA who defended his life and then lost his job. There was an update the other day in the Des Moines Register. Over a year later, the police are still holding his Beretta .22 as evidence, so he has upgunned to a Ruger LCP. He has also found a new job where the boss doesn’t mind that he has a CCW.

  2. Well at least when they’re refering to the “suspect” in the article, they mean the robber.

    In my neck of the woods, “suspect” would likely as not refer to the guy who shot the robber.

  3. Moral of the story:

    Never bring a pepperoni pizza to a gun-fight.

    Unless, of course, the pizza box is made of Kevlar!

  4. There would be several paragraph’s worth detailing the perp’s tough childhood and how he was going to use the money to support underprivileged, orphaned minority kittens if this had happened here in CA.

    Sounds like a classic case of “if somebody is worth shooting once, they’re worth shooting twice” to me.

  5. Wasn’t the Pizza Hut driver shooting (Miller?) in Lexington Co. SC also?

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Boston Mass. has lost two Dominos drivers in less than a week. According to the news reports, the latter of the two was stabbed to death after being lured to a false address. (02SEP2010)

    People can say what they will, but I am now aware of three armed pizza drivers, none of whom are dead. Sometimes it’s all about the math.

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