Pizza Guy’s New Job

Got a heads up recently about James Spiers, a Pizza Hut driver who used a handgun to defend himself from robbers and was fired for violating the company’s no-weapons policy. I wrote about the incident a couple of times last year:

Well, Des Moines man replaces pizza job — and his gun:

James Spiers is back to work, but he isn’t delivering pizzas this time.

He’s a route driver, supplying fast food and snack products to gas stations, convenience stores and other businesses, making the rounds in a company van.

And here’s the kicker: Spiers says his boss lets him carry a handgun on the job.

Not the .22-caliber Beretta that got him in trouble with Pizza Hut in March 2008.

“A little larger caliber this time,” he said, slightly understating the matter. “A Ruger LCP .380.”

He needed a new gun of some sort, because the cops still have his other one:

Even though Kenneth Jimmerson was sentenced to prison for 27 years in December, the cops tell Spiers they still might need the gun for evidence.