Gun-toting victim thwarts rape

Forest Grove, Oregon:

Police have arrested a man after a woman was sexually assaulted in her own home in Forest Grove, just west of the Portland suburb of Hillsboro.

Floyd Dale Elliott faces rape and burglary charges after being accused of entering the victim’s home in the middle of the night last month. Police said he then tried to rape her.

The woman reportedly grabbed a gun, hidden near her bed, and started firing.

The gun was a 22-caliber rifle. She apparently didn’t hit the intruder. Here’s a bit of a weird update on the story:

Police tell KATU that Elliott did not break in, as other media has reported. Police said the house was unlocked and the suspect let himself in. A burglary charge still applies, since he was not supposed to be there. Police said this is important to note so people in Forest Grove “aren’t thinking some crazy guy is breaking into houses and trying to rape women.” [emphasis in original]

Don’t panic, folks. There’s no crazy guy breaking into homes to rape women. It’s just a crazy guy letting himself in to homes to rape women.

I guess I’m a bit confused about the difference.

Either way, the gun should help deter the crazy guy.

6 thoughts on “Gun-toting victim thwarts rape”

  1. The difference is that while what he did was illegal either way, the situation might have not occured if the door was locked. If it *had* been locked and the situation had occured anyway, well then that’s what the gun is for. Sure, it’d be nice if you could leave your door unlocked knowing that some whacko wasn’t going to just walk into your house, but clearly that’s not the case, at least not in this community.

  2. My point being that I’m not saying everyone needs to be behind bulletproof glass, barricaded into their own home, but I don’t think it’s wrong to expect folks to at least make a token effort to secure their home and belongings. And I’m not saying that *not* locking your door means you lose the right to say that a person isn’t allowed in your home (and neither is the article).

  3. SwissFreek: I agree with what you’re saying and have written before about making the bad guys work for what they want. Locked doors, motion-detector lights, and dogs are all parts of an effective layered defense.

    I just thought that was a bit odd for the police to say.

  4. Locked or unlocked makes no difference.

    You are in a place you should not be.

    You are dead if you walk in my house, locked or unlocked, and I will not shed a tear and the OK cops will high five me.

    Swissfreek, your handle fits.

    Murdoc, you are a f$%^ing idiot.

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