‘Enough for the county to have a gross overreaction’

Gun store posters take flak
For more than a week, a local gun shop owner has been under scrutiny regarding certain advertisements outside his front door.

Nashville Guns owner Dennis Nielsen has been met with the watchful eyes of a few county officials and town residents for the storefront posters of women holding guns. Facing two documented complaints, Nielsen maintains that he has done nothing wrong and runs a clean business.

Facing the Washington Street sidewalks are two posters inside of Nielsen’s gun shop windows. The first poster shows a model with blond-streaked hair in a black dress holding an AR-15 rifle, with the second picture of the same model holding a .357 magnum pistol. Inside his shop, similar posters are attached to the walls, showing the same model holding different weapons.

The photos in the news story don’t appear to be risque in the slightest.

8 thoughts on “‘Enough for the county to have a gross overreaction’”

  1. “Facing two documented complaints, Nielsen maintains that he has done nothing wrong and runs a clean business.”

    The article you linked to strongly hints that the complaint is a hodgepodge of things supposedly wrong with the posters.

    The gun shop owner says that he is “…not insensitive to family values,…”, and that other merchants on the street were asked to rate the tastefulness of the poster. This would seem to indicate that a basis for the bitchin’ is that a poster of a modestly dressed model appeals to the prurient interest.

    But other complaints from a lone person named Dawn White state that it doesn’t project an image that suits the town, or that gun shops don’t belong downtown at all, or that the poster is displayed across from a domestic violence center. (Considering that such places usually have female victims seeking them out for succor, wouldn’t a poster showing a powerful and self assured woman be beneficial?)

    Seems someone got all hot and bothered by the very idea of anyone selling guns (shocking!), and started tossing anything at the wall they could think of in an effort to make something stick.

  2. “Dawn White state[s] that it doesn’t project an image that suits the town”.

    That is the real reason right there. It was bad enough that there was a gun shop where she didn’t want one to be, now he is flaunting it in her face! He’s supposed to be meek and hide his business like he is a heroin dealer.

    That’s the way gun shops are treated around where I am. The best gun store around is tucked away in an industrial park out by the refinery. You can’t find it unless someone else takes you there. Their store front is behind a garage roll down door, so at night it looks like just another garage bay in a building full of them. And the town of Martinez still wouldn’t give them permission to put in an indoor range. Never mind that that is where all the cops go for their gun stuff.

  3. Shades of Ayn Rand, collectiveness and PCness!

    I hope someone there tells this Dawn White (who is she that she thinks she’s so important?) to sit down & STFU!

  4. He should put up some of Oleg Volk’s women and self-defense posters.

    Make these anti’s sorry the complained about the evening dress+AR15 stuff.

    I’m sure Oleg would give permission just to slap these morons.

  5. horray for you denny.. for winning your suit and for the store!!i always keep my 40 close by/ with all the crazies in the world now and with the village idiot from kenya in charge, we’re all in danger.

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