$80 Machined AR Lower

Not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, but the price is amazing:

TNW Marchined AR Lower Receiver from Centerfire Systems
TNW Marchined AR Lower Receiver from Centerfire Systems

It’s machined from aluminum, not forged or cast. Probably going to be a bit heavier, but also sturdier and more durable. By TNW Firearms of Vernonia, Oregon.

Anyone use one of these TNW receivers?

11 thoughts on “$80 Machined AR Lower”

  1. 1. Bad link (you have a random “F” in there somewhere).

    2. Want.

    3. From my limited understanding of the way the world works, no bad can come from billet machining things unless the original block was bad, or unless you do not want things that are a little more chunky. I have not had the opportunity to use TNW’s receivers, but the Hero-15 rifles I played with (pictures here) used billet-CNC’d lowers and uppers, and they felt like you could beat through a tank’s armor with them. (They were also over-engineered/molded, though.) And at that price, you can hardly go wrong.

  2. Holly crap that is cheap. And not on the California evil list either. I need to find out if my gun shop can get those for me. I kind of like the chunkier machined look.

  3. I have assembled and used a couple of these so far. The finish on them is superb. That pic does not do them justice. Stronger by far than others, but not any heavier.

  4. I have a billet upper and lower… building a 5.56 AR 1st… then want to build a 6.5 Grendel!!
    Will keep You updated as to how it goes!!


  5. Just put one together and fired it fot the first time today. Bought the lower from Centerfire systems through my gun dealer and the upper half from JSE Surplus (great price on both). Could not be happier. Hope tho build another one soon.

  6. I must correct myself the lower I used was the TNW “machined forging” which is offered by Centerfire Systems and not the Fully machined version pictured here. None the less it works awsomely.

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