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Observations on guns and an officer’s death from Miami Herald readers:

On Sept. 13, four Miami-Dade police officers were shot, one fatally, by Shawn LeBeet, who had an outstanding warrant for aggravated battery and assault with a firearm for more than five years.

Followed by:

As a South Florida cop for the past 23 years, I offer the following challenge to the local and national police unions: Stop endorsing presidential politicians who have worked to overturn the assault-weapon ban or are not in favor of re-implementing it. How in the world can police as a collective group ever support anyone who would show such a callous disregard for the safety of law-enforcement personnel?


How much money does the National Rifle Association give to political campaigns? Allowing criminals and terrorists to easily obtain assault weapons puts police and their communities at risk. How many officers must die before we say enough?

But here’s a real shocker:

LaBeet’s weapon was not an automatic weapon. He could only fire each shot as fast as he could pull the trigger. In fact, it was illegal for LaBeet to own any gun. LaBeet obtained his weapon through identity theft. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Keep in mind that these quotes are all feedback from readers and should be taken as such.