7 thoughts on “XM16E1 Video”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. Our troops use GPS, predator drones and satellite radios but we give them a rifle designed before color film.

    As for the highlights of the rifle – add about 2 pounds for an M16A4 and subtract about 300fps off the velocity.

  2. Show of hands class, has anyone ever carried an M16 with the “integrated carrying handle ” ?

    Nitpick:The GI in the film had terrible trigger discipline.

  3. I used the handle all the time – except when my Sgt. was looking at me – until I got a decent rig from Slingsonly.com.

  4. Bram, probably 3/4 of the world’s militaries use rifles based of of the AR or AK platforms, or a combo of both. The AK is even older than the AR. It was designed just after WWII.

    A weapon’s age has nothing to do with how good of a system it is. We still use M2 .50 cal, that has been around since Jesus was a private (or early 1900s). In the grand scheme of things, the AR is not that old. It’s been upgraded and upgraded. Today’s AR is much improved over the original.

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