Washington state felons should have voting rights, federal court rules

Just yesterday I posted a story about a Washington state ex-felon who is going to prison because his wife owns guns and he’s not allowed to “possess” firearms.

Now a federal court has ruled that the state cannot bar incarcerated felons from voting.

Can vote while in prison but can’t live with someone who has a gun years after getting out?

The ruling is going to be appealed.

3 thoughts on “Washington state felons should have voting rights, federal court rules”

  1. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m for restoration of rights to _former_ felons, given they meet conditions of good behavior _after_ they’ve paid their dues, have proven themselves worthy over time, and weren’t convicted of serious felonies. BUT NOT WHILE INCARCERATED. That’s just complete nonsense.

  2. I agree with Squidpuppy. I am for retoration of rights. Denying all felons the right to vote and own guns is much too harsh in the vast majority of cases. This has disenfranchised too many black men who made mistakes when young and now live good lifes. Because of this I expect this to be changed. The political climate will force this. Certain violent felons should still have their rights circumcribeds

  3. The Ninth Circuit strikes again.

    We need a majority of Rs in the Senate … so that we can begin federally impeaching these clowns for gross incompetence. Only two of the folks sitting on that bench are worth keeping.

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