Non-News on the Charter Arms Rimless Revolver

Charter Arms Rimless Revolver
Charter Arms Rimless Revolver

Got this tidbit in an email about next week’s SHOT Show:

And as a gun industry media professional at least ask about the progress on the Charter Arms Rimless Revolver which was unable to make it to market due to production demand and orders for all the other Charter firearms.

I get quite a few requests for info on the Rimless Revolver, but there’s been little info to be shared. Maybe there’ll be good news at the show.

5 thoughts on “Non-News on the Charter Arms Rimless Revolver”

  1. I have to call BS on their excuse. They have has the time to come up with all these hideous color schemes and patterns that no one wants, but can’t make the time to build a product that EVERYONE wants?

    Bull. Something else is going on.

  2. It was to debut last year at SHOT but there was apparently a legal issue (patents tsuff I presume) over the rimless system they were using. I saw that was due out again this year so hopefully if thats what it was its been resolved.

  3. Well, the Show is on! Any news on this little wonder? I am hoping, after all, Mass. just elected a Republican!

  4. I wouldn’t bet my life on a Charter arms. I should have read the reviews on them before we bought one for my wife. The Lavender Lady 38 model.
    Brand New out of the box. The first 5 rounds shot and the brass got stuck in the cylinder. In trying to push them out, the cylinder pushed off the set ring that holds it in place.
    In reading the reviews, I found that we weren’t the only one that had that problem.
    I called Charter Arms, and spoke to the Owner. Sure he said he would pick it up from us or the dealer and either fix or replace it. But wouldn’t acknowledge there was a problem with the gun. Instead, he blamed the ammo I was using. He said they’ve had a problem with imported ammo in their guns. But they worked just fine in my Taurus without any problems.
    Needless to say, we’re taking it back to the dealer and trading it in for a Taurus Lite 38.

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