Lack of support for Washington state AWB

WA AWB is likely DOA

The bill was named in honor of 18-year-old Aaron Sullivan, who was shot and killed by a SKS 7.62-caliber rifle in Seattle in July. The legislation focuses on “military-style” assault weapons, which can fire rapidly and carry large magazines of ammunition.

The SKS? Large magazines of ammunition?

And I won’t even mention “7.62-caliber,” which would be the main armament of a World War 2 heavy cruiser.


  1. This amuses me in particular, since the SKS is even legal here in California. And its got a folding bayonet! It’s a killing machine I tells you!

    I’m going to contact Dianne Feinstein’s office right away.

  2. MO remembers when I turned in my old & busted SKS at a gun buy-back in my little town a few years back.

    Cops were very excited to get an “assault weapon” “off the streets”.

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