Remember, these are the guys who took away citizens’ guns to keep New Orleans safe

Ex-cop pleads guilty in Katrina shootings

A former police lieutenant pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiring to obstruct justice after federal officials say he helped cover for officers who killed two people in the chaos following Hurricane Katrina.

Federal investigators say former Lt. Michael Lohman knew two people shot to death as they crossed the Danziger Bridge had no weapons, but he and others filed false reports to make the shootings seem justified. Four other people were wounded.

To serve and protect.


  1. Not quite what it seems.

    A crowd of desperate NO flood victims was going to cross that bridge. Many of the folks in that crowd had been looting in NO.

    The town police were not about to allow that crowd to enter their town.

    If you are a small town cop facing a large desperate crowd, your options are kind of limited.

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