More on the latest Pizzza Hut guy in trouble for defending himself

Pizza driver: ‘There was no way out’

As noted a few days back, Pizza Hut delivery driver James Spiers has been suspended during the investigation into his violating company policy by carrying a gun while workiing. He used the gun to defend himself during an armed ambush and robbery.

Vonnie Walbert, vice president of human resources at Pizza Hut’s corporate offices in Dallas, said last week that employees are not allowed to carry guns “because we believe that that is the safest for everybody.”

Especially criminals who set up ambushes in order to rob pizza guys at gun point. Sure would hate for those types of people to be put into an unsafe situation. What if they were injured while holding a gun to the head of the pizza guy they’re robbing?

Via Instapundit, who writes

Good thing he didn’t listen or he might be being carried by six instead of subjected to mealy-mouthed HR flackery from one.

Also: State senator: ‘I’m going to be watching Pizza Hut’

A state senator said he would stop buying Pizza Hut products if the pizza chain fires a Des Moines delivery man who shot a teen who tried to rob him at gunpoint.

Sen. Brad Zaun, a Republican from Urbandale, said from what he’s read, he understands that James William Spiers is a single father raising a daughter, and had the legal right to carry a weapon.