ATF Can’t Tell Toys from Machine Guns

Agents of Incompetence: ATF Dodges FOIA, Still Has Seized BB Guns

Somehow I’ve managed to miss this story until now. It appears that the Customs and Border Protection guys seized some airsoft guns in Washington back in February and claimed that they were real machine guns disguised as toys. They turned them over to the BATF who agreed.

When a Freedom of Information Act request was filed, they provided information about a different case from 2004.

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2 thoughts on “ATF Can’t Tell Toys from Machine Guns”

  1. Apparently, the Customs and Border Protection believes the Airsoft guns stand a high probability that the shipment was going to be modified into real M-4’s. Hmmm…

    “You couldn’t tell by weight or feel” that the guns were fake, ATF spokeswoman Cheryl Bishop said. “Most people would be hard-pressed to tell the difference, and that’s why we were so concerned.”

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