Iowa Shall Issue

Iowa is about to become Shall Issue.

Of course, this brings predictions of blood running in the streets and the OK Corral.

Here’s a bit about how the current “may issue” law works in one Iowa county, presented as proof that it’s just fine:

In Henry County, Sheriff Allen Wittmer has created a criteria on who is able to get a concealed weapons permit and who’s not qualified.

Under that criteria, those whose jobs require a firearm can be qualified to carry a weapon. The self employed also can get a permit if they collect and transport large sums of money or other valuables. Retired police officers also are qualified.

Wittmer, too, is in strong opposition to the law change.

“I did not support it,” Wittmer said. “There’s nobody that knows their constituents better than the sheriff. It’s totally taking the discretion away from the sheriff.”

Wittmer noted out of the 18 applications he received last year, nine were denied, just by merely following the county’s criteria.

“We have it working well here,” he noted. “We have a procedure in place that works in Henry County.”

So it sounds like the only people who get one in Henry County are people who require a gun for their jobs, people who transport large sums of money for their jobs, and people who are retired cops. So, unless your job necessitates it, only retired cops get permits.

That is a great example of a working may issue system. And a great example of why shall issue is the way to go.

3 thoughts on “Iowa Shall Issue”

  1. Also a perfect example of some animals being more equal than others. I would rather lose a large sum of money than a small bundle of child.

  2. I like the way the “elites” in power determine that most of us have lives that aren’t worth defending no matter where we go. Screw those elites–when the SHTF, *everyone* will be carrying, permit or not!


  3. This is also how it works in MA.

    The line about how no one knows the people better than the sherrif is only true to the extent of the population who has met the sherriff. I don’t socialize with sherriffs and chiefs of police, and I don’t run afoul of them either. I live my life and mind my business, and in my day-to-day existence there is no way he would be in a position to “know me” better than any other anonymous citizen.

    When you move in MA, the law requires LTC holders (LTC = CCW)notify the chief of the town you left and the town you move to. Which I did. When it was time for me to renew my LTC, I went to the new PD, did the paper drill and paid the $$. They didn’t issue me the same permit, but a restricted one (purchase, own, transport to range and back basically).

    Cop told me that Chief fillintheblank doesn’t issue unrestricted LTCs. He just doesn’t. And the way the law works, he’s within his authority to just decide, “you know what, no one gets them in my town.” It’s not even about how well he knows his people- he decided what’s best for us all.

    So it’s pretty much the same deal as in the article- you have to demonstrate that your job requires you to carry or you’re a retired cop; if you’re a mere citizen, you can screw.

    In the town I moved from, the clean record and files check from the State Police were good enough for him to issue an unrestricted LTC.

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