This system by Roth Concept Innovations adds what are essentially four magazine extension onto your shotgun. Rotate the tube to access the extra extensions:

XRAIL by Roth Concept Innovations
XRAIL by Roth Concept Innovations

Though innovative and more rounds are always better than fewer rounds, I wonder if I’d really care for the extra weight up front. The full version weighs just over 2 pounds empty.

Particularly nice is the fact that as rounds are fired, the XRAIL rotates to keep feeding rounds down the main tube and that no permanent modifications to the gun are required.

More info, including videos, at the RCI site.

7 thoughts on “XRAIL”

  1. ok that is just about, with out a doubt the dumbest thing i have ever seen. 2lbs of weight with out ammo on the end of my gun, good luck clearing a house with that. The amount of muscle you would need to swing/stop the swing would make that just about worthless in combat. If you need that many 12gauge shells go to a magazine based system and reload.

  2. I can see all the home warriors putting this on their 870s and 590s for “home defense.” For all those times when you need 23 rounds of 12ga to fight off the intruders.

    I’m all for innovation, but this seems like a solution without a problem.

  3. I saw this at SHOT this year. They had a video of how it works. The best part was, it took what seemed like 4 minutes or so of the video to load the thing then about 4 seconds to empty it. And yeah, when I saw it, the first thing that came to my mind was the weight.

  4. On the flip side I bet there is about zero muzzle rise with that beast. You could probably get a Saiga-12 with a 20rnd drum for cheaper and it wouldn’t have all the problems.

  5. Cool ideas need to start somewhere… I saw that one somewhere a year or so ago, it kinda fell of the radar, and has popped up again. Now if you built up a recoil operated semi with a similar device the full length of the magazine tube, and made it capable of rotating to a selected tube, you could have a great way to switch from a full tube of buck to a full tube of slug to a tube of bean bags or batons. That could have some uses methinks.

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