‘Russian Roulette’

Dave Musgrove at Pajamas Media writes about Gun Control at Pizza Hut says he might be “almost as wary of the delivery guy as I am of the alleged assailant” if delivery guys were allowed to carry guns. He then tells the story of an acquaintance’s twin brother who was a sheriff’s deputy shot by a hostage-taker:

My point is that despite whatever an individual’s depth of experience and proficiency with firearms, there comes a point at which countering guns with guns becomes little more than Russian Roulette. I’ve got to think there are better public safety options than that.

This is just bizarre. Taken at face value, the story and the conclusion point to taking guns away from sheriff’s deputies, no? That’s utterly ridiculous, but that’s what his story tells us.

I’m sure that’s not what he means, of course. He means that because he knows of a situation where a trained person with a gun lost the fight, carrying a gun doesn’t guarantee safety.

Taken to that point, I don’t disagree. I don’t know any gun owners or pro-CCW types who would.

But to call using a gun to defend yourself against someone else with a gun “little more than Russian Roulette” is, honestly, pretty stupid. And you’ll notice that though he says “I’ve got to think there are better public safety options than that,” he doesn’t list a single one.

The current situation is Russian Roulette, but only the criminals have guns and they can pull the trigger as many times as they want. Oh, and the gun isn’t pointed at their own head but at the pizza delivery drivers.

Here’s something from the comments:

If one delivery person is carrying as allowed by company policy and kills someone in error, that’s a multi-zillion dollar lawsuit.

I think that’s right, and probably a huge part, of the reason for the policy. But isn’t Pizza Hut also on the hook for employees robbed, injured, or killed because they had no means of defense?

For the record, I certainly think that Pizza Hut has the right to set its own company policies. They also have the right to get some bad PR because their policies seem to be a bit out of touch. (via Instapundit.)

UPDATE: Brillianter has more. Go read.