Backpacker shoots, kills grizzly in Denali National Park


A man and woman reported that they were hiking Friday evening when the bear emerged from trailside brush and charged the woman, park spokeswoman Kris Fister said in a statement.

The man fired nine rounds from his .45 caliber, semiautomatic pistol at the animal, which then stopped and walked into the brush.

The bear was found dead about 100 feet from the location of the shooting. Park officials are looking into the justification for the shooting.

Best comment on the story:

If you want to see animals but can’t resist the impulse to shoot, go look at them at the zoo.

7 thoughts on “Backpacker shoots, kills grizzly in Denali National Park”

  1. Park officials are looking into the justification for the shooting.

    seriously? “its coming right for us!” isnt good enough?

  2. If the shooter had time to get NINE rounds off, the bear wasn’t close enought to need shooting to start with. This is just what the NO CARRY IN PARKS and ALLOW ONLY PEPPER SPRAY crowds have been waiting for.

  3. With a monster brown bear charging me, I bet I could make a 1911 sound like an rotary cannon.

  4. I think the more pertinent lesson here is that if you’re going to go into bear country, you’ll want to go…well…loaded for bear.

    Seemingly .45 will do, but he likely shot his whole mag (9 rounds I think I read), it doesn’t say how many hit, and it convinced the bear only enough to go away and die somewhere else.

    But yeah beats pepper spray.

    And btw for whoever puts himself and his loved ones at the mercy of Nature, you deserve everything you get. This dude took his life seriously, made some worst-case preparation, and good for him.

  5. I forget if it was Jean Sheapard or Pat McManus, but I recall one of them telling the story of fly fishing in Alaska, and being impressed when the guide for that day, the outfitters son, strapped on a 1911.
    But when they got back the young man got a strip torn off by his mother who told him never again to go out of the house that way. Her final instruction…YOU NEVER GO OUT WITHOUT THE 12 GAUGE WITH SLUG LOADS, THAT .45 AIN’T **** TO A GRIZ!

  6. @deepwoods

    youre aware that grizzly bears charge somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 mph right? how fast do you run? and how far do you think youd get in the time it takes to fire nine rounds? as far as that goes, just how long do you think it takes to fire 9 rounds?

    not that it matters. bottom line, the bear is going to win any footrace. while the bear gnaws your braincase open looking for the candy center, you can ponder whether or not running was a better idea than shooting.

  7. Good shoot. I think I could make a 1911 sound like a G18 if a big bear was coming at me. Good on the guy for going in prepared. With illegal drugs and criminal elements encroaching upon our national parks, it would behoove citizens to carry in them. I see no problem with this guys actions.

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