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Via Uncle and Sailor Curt comes the story of some bartender in Richmond, VA, who seems unhappy with a recent law change which allows those carrying concealed weapons into establishments which serve alcohol. He wrote about it on his blog Jack Goes Forth.

He uses lots of profanity and over-the-top stereotypes to describe gun owners as uneducated idiots. Murdoc can’t quite figure out the logic to that one, but we see it a lot so it must be SOP. Anyway, he includes a couple of gems:

I’m honestly thinking about getting a concealed weapons permit with my spotless record and then going to these people’s places of work and seeing how they feel about someone that they have never met, walking into their front door with a handgun.

Well, we wouldn’t even know, would we? That’s the point. And if we did, I doubt we’d mind. I know I wouldn’t. Not exactly sure what the point is here.

Hide behind your 2nd amendment you uneducated [X]. When the Brits come back and try to re-colonize us, then you can tell me that I was wrong and that we need to bear arms. Until then…You’re a [X] idiot.

Ah, the old “hiding behind the Constitution” card. Just a bunch of dumb people who think that simply because something was important enough to include in the document that established our government, it actually matters. If the cops try to ticket a driver for going 20 in a 35, is the driver “hiding behind the posted speed limit” if he thinks it’s wrong?

In closing…. If you attempt to walk into my bar with a concealed weapon and for whatever reason you didn’t conceal it enough…. You won’t have enough time to draw your piece cowboy. Your face will already be on the pavement. I promise.

Hmmm. Threat of violence. In his Twitter feed he stated that he intended to “maim” if he attacked and that

I stand by my guns in bars comments. If you have a problem with it then bring your concealed gun with you. You’ll need it.

He stood by those comments so strongly that he then TOOK DOWN THE THREAT. Gone. No longer on the blog. No mention about it or why he did it. (Plus he doesn’t allow comments on his blog in the first place, probably because other people are so insecure.)

But here’s a screenshot from the Bing cache:

Jack Goes Forth
Jack Goes Forth

What a classy act.

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  1. This violates private property rights. The second amendment, nor any other amendment to the “FEDERAL” constitution apply to private property. It’s like those idiots that claim to have the first amendment right to say anything they want to in a home or business. It doesn’t apply! This is a terrible law, just like the law forcing employers to allow employees to have guns in their parking lots. It’s PRIVATE PROPERTY, the government doesn’t get to have a say there! This is a terrible precedent like the laws banning smoking indoors in bars, it’s a violation of private property rights

    No wonder this country is going down the crapper.

  2. Ty: Property owners can still ban guns from their property. The bar this guy works at does exactly that.

    Get a clue about the law before whining about how “terrible” a law is.

    Maybe the country is going down the crapper because people don’t bother getting informed before spouting off.

  3. If the gun becomes unconcealed, accidentally or intentionally without just cause for drawing it, does that not violate the terms for concealed carry anyway? I don’t know the open carry laws there so I’m not sure.

    This dude needs to pour himself a stiff shot of the top shelf stuff and relax a little. If someone is packing in his bar with intent to cause trouble, they are probably doing it regardless of permit anyway. I don’t think it’s a good idea to carry when you intend to tie one on, or even just have a few. But ask Plaxico Burress if laws against it are going to stop people.

  4. As noted, property owners still have the right to ban concealed weapons on their property. The problem is that few businesses ever do more than post the sign; There is no additional effort to ensure my safety while on the property unarmed. Good questions to ask are;

    Since you have requested that I leave my concealed weapons outside, do you have a security program to ensure my safety while on your premises?

    What measures have you put in place to ensure your directive is followed?

    Do you have insurance if your security efforts fail and I am injured by your failure?

    As a rule, I avoid doing business where I find the no concealed weapon signs. The most curious one I found recently was at a funeral home. Think about that one for awhile.

    Although in no position to pursue the idea, I’ve considered a sportsmen/shooters credit union where members & employees are expected to openly carry firearms.

  5. Boycott time.

    Thank goodness I know better than to take advice from someone whose educational development and career-planning stopped at pouring liquids into receptacles.

  6. What bar does he work at? Does his boss approve of him beating up the patrons at “his” bar?

  7. It is not all his fault he is an idiot. His liberal education and the last thirty years or so of Hollywood propaganda has addled his mind.

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  8. In Virginia, until now, open carry was mandatory in the RESTAURANTS that he worked in. So, unless a sign prohibiting guns was posted, the law stated that he would be seeing guns.

    Please let him attack me. I need the money.

    He works at two places. One I forget and the other is Havana 59.

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