Stag Arms SBR Uppers

Available soon:

Stag Arms SBR Upper Receiver
Stag Arms SBR Upper Receiver with Rail

Stage Arms Release:

Straight from the Stag Arms vault, and once reserved exclusively for Law Enforcement, Military, and Special Forces – the highly anticipated SBR uppers will now be available to the general public in a wide range of configurations to best suit consumer needs. All SBR uppers boast a 5.56 NATO chamber, 1/7 twist rifling, M4 feed ramps, and a MP tested and marked bolt and will ship complete with bolt carrier assembly and charging handle. Individualized options include the choice of a 11.5″ Delta profile heavy barrel or a 14.5″ Delta profile heavy barrel with M203 cuts – both of which are chrome lined 4150 steel. The 14.5″ barrel models are also available with a fixed flash hider bringing the barrel length to 16″ and do not require NFA paperwork.

Consumers can further customize their upper by selecting a specific rear sight and opting for either double heatshield handguards or Samson Star-C quad rail handguards.

For the first time ever, consumers can now share in the SBR experience. All SBR uppers are exposed to a battery of torture tests and are factory test fired and zeroed. Built to exacting mil specs and built to last they are competitively priced.

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  1. I must not have been paying attention when the short-barrel fad hit – why are short-barrels more desirable than long ones? Particularly for a rifle that will probably only be used on a range?

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