Steyr M- and S- Series Pistols

Steyr M40-A1

Steyr M40-A1 in .40 S&W

Steyr Arms’ M-A1 And S-A1 Pistols Return To The American Market

Steyr Arms has announced that it is bringing back the popular Steyr M-A1 and S-A1 semi-automatic handguns to the United States. The first batch of these pistols has already arrived at the Steyr Arms headquarters, and the pistols will begin shipping to dealers later this month.

Nearly identical in form and function, the M-A1 is the full-size series with a 4-inch barrel, while the S-A1 is the compact series with a 3.6-inch barrel. Chambered in either 9x19mm Luger or .40 S&W, the M-A1 and S-A1 achieved a great deal of regard among American shooters for their comfortable ergonomics, remarkable safety features, intuitive sighting system, amazing accuracy and extreme reliability.

Steyr S9-A1 in 9mm

Steyr S9-A1 in 9mm

The MSRP for either is $649. More info at The Outdoor Wire.