Except as Permitted

no shooting

Murdoc is guessing that shooting the No Shooting sign is not permitted.


  1. There was a bird on that sign, honest.

    The lib’tards in Olympia are trying to ban shooting in the state forests without alarming the hunters. Those signs are sprouting up all over.

    They might just learn the hard way that shooters far outnumber the fudds.

  2. This kind of stuff does not help our cause, as gunowners, one bit. I saw this when I lived in Texas. There was an uncontrolled shooting range area in the National Forest that was closed because otherwise law-abiding gunowners were stupid enough to completely trash the place on a regular basis. The place was a dumping ground for all the junk people thought it would be fun to shoot. As a gunowner I don’t like regulations that have no basis. As an American, and thereby a part owner of public lands I have to say if this is representative of gun owners, by all means keep them out. It’s a shame that we have a minority of irresponsible people setting the tone for our side. If you don’t like the sign then work to highlight and change the issue in our favor. Shooting the sign is counterproductive, as cool as it may look in the internet. I would bet the people who shot the sign don’t even know who their elected officials are much less have they brought their displeasure with the issue to their attention.

    Just my $0.02.

  3. As long as I’ve been alive, in as many states and locales that I’ve lived, these kinds of signs are always bullet magnets; no matter who puts them up, no matter where they are, or what the intent, in no time they’re riddled with lead. You’d think sign posting types would’ve figured this out by now; heck, it’s almost a tradition.

    You kin edumacate some of the people all a the time, and all a the people some a the time, but put up a no shooting sign, and it’s gonna git shot.

  4. I feel more or less the same was as you Shawn, but it’s still kind of amusing. Shot up signs are the least of the cause for closing down places to shooting, the garbage issue is much more serious.

    When I first started shooting, my friend and I shot up a lot of glass bottles and old appliances. After more thought and some negative comments from others, we have switched to shooting plastic and aluminum cans mostly, and we police up all of our trash when we are done. Besides being the right thing to do, it’s also important for our hobby. Their are plenty of people looking for the slightest excuse to attack our hobby, and giving them an excuse for free is just dumb.

    Somewhere on a backup disk I have a picture from the border of the Chocolate Mountain gunnery range next to the Salton Sea of a similar nature. English and Spanish warning not to cross the boarder, marked by the road, due to live ordinance. They were of course also riddle with bullet holes. Unfortunately not 20mm though.

  5. I have no empathy for people who steal “posted signs” so they can trespass and hunt on someone else’s private property; I have no empathy for people who can’t just quietly hunt illegally on public property but who have to indulge their exhibitionist fetish.

    Set up a new sign, set up hidden noise-activated cameras, impound the vehicles used in the crime, convict the criminals of malicious vandalism, convict them of commission of a crime while in possession of a firearm, ship them off to jail for a few weeks.

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