Louisiana Act 944

Concealed-carry permit holders given more license to pack heat

When God’s shield of armor isn’t enough, Louisiana Act 944 may be.

The new concealed-carry law, which went into effect Sunday, allows permitted citizens to pack heat at places of worship.

Each church is still allowed to set its own policy.

Bishop Sam Jacobs, of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, issued a written statement Friday saying that no concealed weapons will be allowed in Catholic churches.

The Bishop claims that he respects the right of someone to carry a concealed weapon if they have a permit.

“But at the same time, we have rights as well and we do not wish our rights to be violated to honor that person’s right.”

I’d be curious to know what specific “rights” he’s worried would be “violated” by someone else exercising their rights. If he means that he’s got a “right” to go to a church without guns, I think he’s misusing the term “right.” Like when people claim there’s some sort of the “right” to a job, or health care, or happiness.