Remembering Katrina

The Great New Orleans Gun Grab by Gordon Hutchinson and Todd MassonThere’s been a lot of new coverage of the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and all the problems it caused in New Orleans. Like the original go-round, the plight of the areas where the hurricane actually hit got much less coverage. So go check out this post I wrote back at the time on Murdoc Online showing many photos of the effects of Katrina east of New Orleans.

Something else that must not be forgotten about Katrina and its aftermath was the eagerness with which the local New Orleans law enforcement agencies tried to confiscate legally-owned firearms. At a time when people were on their own more than ever, the police spent an awful lot of effort to disarm law-abiding citizens when they should have been protecting them.

If you have only a passing knowledge of those events, I heartily recommend reading The Great New Orleans Gun Grab by Gordon Hutchinson and Todd Masson.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Katrina”

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  2. It wasn’t just ‘the local law enforcement’. There were a number of volunteer officers from many different states who cooperated with the confiscation orders with great eagerness. This needs to be remembered…

  3. It wasn’t just ‘the local law enforcement’.

    Good point. Even ANG troops in some units assisted, if I recall correctly. I think in most cases, anyway, they were following the directions or lead of the locals and the mayor, though.

    Hopefully, one of the lessons learned will be for out-of-town agencies showing up to help doing a bit more to question directives to disarm.

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